BACC People Profiles

Trevor King - BACC President

It is a great honour to be asked to be President of this amazing tool of the church that is Cursillo, of which I have been a part for some 25 years. I first made my Cursillo in February 1992 in Chester diocese, on Chester 10. Soon afterwards I joined the Lichfield Diocese Steering Group and helped establish Cursillo there. I staffed on a number of weekends, had various roles on the Lichfield Secretariat, and was Lay Rector on Lichfield 4. It is a deep sadness to me that Lichfield Cursillo is no longer active.

As Lichfield BACC Rep I attended BACC meetings and for some time in the 1990s served as editor of BACC Pages. I joined the BACC Standing Committee and helped write the first ‘Gifting Cursillo’ Guidelines in the Resource Manual.

We moved to Scarborough in 1997 when I was appointed Manager of a new church based charity for the homeless. There was no Cursillo movement in York diocese but we quickly linked up with a couple of other Cursillistas and started growing the movement, holding York 1 in 2001. Again I served first on the Steering Group and then on the Secretariat in various capacities and staffed on weekends regularly, being Lay Rector of York 7.

For a while I withdrew from any Cursillo leadership role for a while to concentrate on my family and my work, but I did continue with Reunion Group and Ultreyas. Then, just before retirement a couple of years ago, I was asked to consider becoming Lay Director of York Cursillo. No more than a month after agreeing we were asked to host Ultreya GB 2016!

As President I will look to build on the excellent work of my predecessors to further strengthen the movement and improve its profile and reputation within the Church. Cursillo is such a wonderful gift to the Church but is still often misunderstood and under-valued.

I have found the Cursillo method incredibly supportive and encouraging over the years. Group reunions and Ultreyas have been the backbone of my own spiritual growth. It was through Cursillo that God called me to His service in the church both in work and now in retirement. If I had not been part of Cursillo I would not have been open enough to hear that call nor had the courage to respond. Through the prompting of Cursillo friends and prayer I believe that He called me to offer myself for this position of BACC President and I know that the Holy Spirit will enable me to fulfil the role to the best of my ability. I look forward to meeting many of you over the next three years and I intend to visit as many dioceses as possible.


Revd Stephen Bowring - National Spiritual Director

My name is Stephen Bowring, and I "made my Cursillo" in 1993 on the very first Leicester weekend. That was very soon after my ordination, and Cursillo has been at the centre of my ministry ever since. My background is in music, and I was a Secondary School teacher for 14 years before ordination.

People often ask me "how long was your training for ministry?" and my standard answer is "about 20 years!" - and one of the great strengths of Cursillo is that it is all about supporting us on a continuous journey. Of course there are significant catalytic times of change, and the Cursillo weekend can be one, but the joy of the Cursillo method is that we can find food for all the journey.

The "Fourth Day" Cursillo community has been an anchor for my wife and me through many re-locations and new adventures thus far. Now, in these three years of my role as National Spiritual Director, I have the opportunity and privilege of encouraging others and helping to steer the movement and promote what it has to offer - which I believe has never been more appropriate or exciting than in these current times.