Ultreya GB 2018

Dear Cursillistas,

We are really looking forward to seeing everyone at Chelmsford on the 1st September, and that we should be very grateful if bookings via our website http://www.chelmsfordcursillo.com/ultreya_18.html could be made ,if possible, by the end of July, so that we can organise our catering arrangements. Of course late bookings for the day can be honoured but numbers will be limited for the evening (which we believe will be brilliant), and accommodation at Anglia Ruskin is on first come first served basis. So please please encourage bookings as early as possible. Please confirm all booking at Anglia Ruskin - the Meet and Greet there will be open from 5 till 9pm on Friday 31st August. For any one interested we have been told that the Diocesan House of Retreat at Pleshey, https://www.retreathousepleshey.com will also be pleased to offer accommodation. Any other queries (not capable of being dealt with via the booking service) can be made to me.

Kind regards,

John Tomlins - Chelmsford Cursillo